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University of Toronto Quarterly archive - 1977-2015 - available on Project

— 39 volumes, 150+ issues and more than 1200 articles and reviews —

 <http://bit.ly/UTQpm> http://bit.ly/UTQpm


The UTQ archive features many special issues including:

§  Special Commemorative Section on Edward Said (1935-2003) 

§  The Critical Work of Law and Literature

§  Writing the Foreign in Canadian Literature and Humanitarian Narratives

§  Operatics: The Interdisciplinary Workings of Opera

§  The Future of Northrop Frye: Centennial Perspectives

§  The William Blake Project

§  The Genius of the Shore: Essays Honouring the Life and Work of
Balachandra Rajan

§  La poétique des romanciers / Novelists on the Novel

§  The Song is You: Opera, Lyrics, and Literary Studies 

§  Models of Mind and Consciousness

§  Robertson Davies Reconsidered

§  Discourses of Security, Peacekeeping Narratives, and the Cultural
Imagination in Canada

§  Rabindranath Tagore: Facets of a Cultural Icon

§  Milton in America

§  The Ethical Turn in Canadian Literature & Criticism

§  Songs & Subversion

§  Haunting in Canadian Literature

§  Systems & Cities

§  Authority 

§  Opera & Interdisciplinary II

§  New Scholarship in Book History & Print Culture

§  Postcolonialism

§  Images of Canadian Short Stories / Aspects de la nouvelle québécoise et

§  The  Visionary Tradition in Canadian Writing

§  Voices of Opera

§  The University in Ruins: Responses to Bill Readings

§  As well as 35+ issues of Letters in Canada (the review of the previous
year’s work in Canadian fiction, poetry, drama, translations, and works in
the humanities)


Full archive of issues 1931-1977 coming to Project MUSE in 2015–
<http://bit.ly/UTQpm> http://bit.ly/UTQpm

Full archive of issues 1931-2015(3200+ articles and reviews) available now
at UTQ Online -  <http://bit.ly/utqonline> http://bit.ly/utqonline



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University of Toronto Quarterly Submissions

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Acclaimed as one of the finest journals focused on the humanities, the
University of Toronto Quarterly publishes interdisciplinary articles and
review essays of international repute. This interdisciplinary approach
provides a depth and quality to the journal that attracts both general
readers and specialists from across the humanities.  Letters in Canada - UTQ
Subscribers look forward to the bi-lingual Letters in Canada issue,
published each spring, which contains reviews of the previous year’s work in
Canadian fiction, poetry, drama, translations and works in the humanities.
Many of the recent issues have contained over 600 pages of the year's work
in creative writing and scholarship!


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