[Milton-L] Tasso Continued: Philip Murray-Lawson Interviews Dario Rivarossa

Nancy Charlton charltonwordorder1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 14:49:19 EST 2015

What is the title of the wonderful Italian film a few years back in which
this woman deserts her family for a weekend in Venice and meets a guy who
understands her and recites from memory a long passage from Tasso?

Glad of an excuse to ask.

Nancy Charlton

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, Carter Kaplan <antinomian2 at hotmail.com>

> Dear Colleagues:
> Philip Murray-Lawson and Dario Rivarossa discuss Tasso, the Renaissance,
> and the art of translation:
> http://evolution-abc.com/blog/?p=158
> The Rivarossa-Khoddam translation of Tasso's* Il Mondo Creato* should
> become available later this year. We look forward to seeing how this new
> version will support and enrich a world-wide appreciation for Milton.
> As Always,
> Carter Kaplan
> International Authors <http://www.internationalauthors.info>
> Highbrow <http://www.carterkaplan.blogspot.com>
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