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Wow! What a pairing. I definitely will use both webpages when I teach the "ENGL444: Milton” course next.

With fond memories of John Leonard reading some of Satan’s parts (if I am remembering correctly) and Dennis Danielson reading some of Abdiel’s parts (which I know I am remembering correctly) at the 2008 marathon reading associated with the seminar at Stanford dedicated to J. Martin Evans in 2008.


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I recently came across similar images of Hitler practising rhetorical gestures before a photographer. Some of his arm gestures resemble those that Angelica's source attaches to Satan (especially the 'linked thunderbolts' move):


Oddly, the PL sequence has Satan's arms raised when he utters the word "descending" (Johnson would have had fun with that).  Hitler looks a total berk. In several of the photos he looks like a parody of a break dancer. These were "practice" photos, taken by a personal friend, not intended for public distribution. Hitler was embarrassed by the images and felt the need to practise some more. Not hard to see why. I wonder if Satan had similar rehearsals with Beelzebub and felt the need for "retakes".

John Leonard

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Dear scholars,

My German Department colleague shared the following webpage that shows some gestures to accompany one of the PL Satan speeches

It reminds me of early modern French stage acting handbooks that I remember being exposed to in a World Lit course I took. I might have my Autumn 2015 undergrad “Milton” course students perform it. Tell me if you have them do it this semesters, and pass on any pointers. I did it in my office: very fun.

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