[Milton-L] "Yet with a pleasing sorcery could charm Pain"

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> >I wonder about how you are translating the title.  _Segreto_ is in the 
> >singular, no? And I think most English titles would rearrange the words 
> >as _The Secret of the Old Wood_
> Dear Jamela, you're right, but I hate 'flat' translations, so I tried
> to update the wording a bit.
>>And what you describe as different about Buzzati's melancholy,  . . . 
>>actually sounds to me rather like the elegiac treatment of Tolkien's 
>>Lothlorien and the exodus of the elves to the West.
> This is in fact a major analogy between the two. But in Tolkien there
> is somehow Providence at work, a great history developing, etc., while
> in Buzzati there isn't any. The difference is clear in the books
> themselves, not in my poor summary. But wait, an English version of
> Buzzati's book "A Tartar Steppe" is available: though it is not a
> fantasy novel, it will prove useful in order to getting familiar with
> his feelings and atmospheres.
> With many thanks
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