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Hi Angelica,

I'm not sure how helpful this is for your purposes (and apologies if you're
already aware), but in 2008 as part of the Milton's 400th celebrations in
Cambridge, Christ's College put on a double production of Milton's Mask and
a newly commissioned reply/reimagining by John Kinsella.

I don't know of any recordings, but perhaps someone else on the list might
have one? And you can get a PDF copy of the programme here:


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> Dear all,
> I believe I used to have a copy of the staged production of A Mask from
> the 7th International Milton Symposium, and I see there are a few libraries
> that have the VHS tape, but I doubt my interlibrary loan will get it for
> me. Does someone have the tape or DVD or know where it might be e-posted?
> (You out there, Roy?!) In case that fails, does anyone know how I can
> access an audiovisual of the Folger?s dramatic reading of 2001-02?
> In a couple of weeks, my graduate Milton course is presenting a dramatic
> reading of A Mask this semester, and I think it would be really great for
> them to see some versions of some of its various manifestations. Fingers
> crossed?
> --
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