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Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
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Angelica, I have a copy, but we have moved to Stribnger's Ridge. i think I
can find it...Kemmer 423-886-1672...Give me 24 hours.

On Sat, Oct 4, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Duran, Angelica A <duran0 at purdue.edu> wrote:

>  Dear all,
>  I believe I used to have a copy of the staged production of *A Mask* from
> the 7th International Milton Symposium, and I see there are a few libraries
> that have the VHS tape, but I doubt my interlibrary loan will get it for
> me. Does someone have the tape or DVD or know where it might be e-posted?
> (You out there, Roy?!) In case that fails, does anyone know how I can
> access an audiovisual of the Folger’s dramatic reading of 2001-02?
>  In a couple of weeks, my graduate Milton course is presenting a dramatic
> reading of *A Mask* this semester, and I think it would be really great
> for them to see some versions of some of its various manifestations.
> Fingers crossed…
>   --
>  Adios,
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