[Milton-L] What did Milton think about witches?

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 00:57:29 EST 2014

Dear friends

in reference to the contents in this post about witchcraft in C. S.
Lewis' works:

a paragraph on Milton may be usefully added here. In PL, a hag is
mentioned in a simile, but what about the 'true' witches? I mean, the
women who were actually persecuted as such during his times. What was
Milton's attitude: did he attack them? defend them? and why?
I find it very interesting that in PL Eve is somewhat described as a
Wiccan, as she herself gave the names to the plants, and the plants
are enlivened by her touch, therefore recalling such "women's
(natural) power" myths as the Mother Goddess, etc.
But, of course, what fitted the unfallen Eve might not fit
post-lapsarian women, so I would like to know more on the subject of
witchcraft in Milton's worldview.

Many thanks in advance,

il Tassista / the Tasso Driver

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