[Milton-L] Adam ate of . . . the wrong Tree!

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Yes, does seem pertinent.  They seem to turn red when aroused.

And what a great and amazing poem!  Thanks very much for that.  Astonishing conception -- I wonder where (if anywhere) -- Hope got it from, and fabulous final line.  In awe.

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Is it pertinent to Raphael's blush that the angels "turnd fierie red" when they were pumped up for battle at the end of Book 4?

Also, Jim said,
I imagine also that all of their progeny would have to choose not to eat the fruit, so some would be subject to death, creating parallel human species cohabitating on the same planet: fallen and unfallen.

See AD Hope's sonnet, "Paradise Saved":

Adam, indignant, would not eat with  Eve,
They say, and she was driven from his  side.
Watching the gates close on her  tears, his pride
Upheld him, though he  could not help but grieve,
And climbed the  wall, because his loneliness
Pined for her  lonely figure in the dust:
Lo, there were  two! God who is more than just
Sent her a  helpmeet in that wilderness.

Day after day he watched them in the  waste
Grow old breaking the harsh  unfriendly ground,
Bearing their children,  till at last they died.
While Adam, whose  fellow God had not replaced,
Lived on  immortal, young, with virtue crowned,
Sterile and impotent and justified.

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