[Milton-L] Adam ate of . . . the wrong Tree!

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 01:00:45 EST 2014

Dear friends

many thanks for the replies to the post: many interesting reflections
came out of it -- that is the most significant side of what-if games,
after all. (Btw, probably the what-if game par excellence has been
proposed by Dante in the Convivio, and by a curious chance, partially
linked with the issue of the tree of life: "If Jesus had not been
crucified, how long would he have lived?" He even provides an answer,
but not explaining it, probably in order to start a new game.)

I simply add that it is stated in PL that, as humankind will be
growing in numbers, they will start to live _outside_ Even, and go
back there on pilgrimage. So a question apparently remains as to the
Tree of Life: will it be transplanted? But, if it is about a "pledge,"
a symbol, the unfallen human beings would not need to cultivate it
physically, they would possess it "inside" themselves, so to speak,
like the "happier far" Eden promised to A&E before they leave the


il Tassista / the Tasso Driver

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