[Milton-L] Adam ate of . . . the wrong Tree!

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Also in book 3, Thx Carter (and all!), we are informed that
not  only man was removed from Eden per man's sin, but also, strangely

  Immortal amarant, a flower which once In Paradise, fast by the tree of
life, Began to bloom; but soon for man's offence To Heaven removed, where
first it grew, there grows, And flowers aloft shading the fount of life...

The whole 28 line paragraph from which this comes touches on the current
discussion I'm afraid in at least a dozen important ways. For one, The
question is there a glass ceiling in heaven above which the
happy immortality of saints and angels' cannot rise? perhaps not if
(crowned with amaranth they take their golden harps and with preamble sweet
charming symphony they introduce their sacred song etc.) not if every Hymn
makes in itself a complete and concordant noise at this or that Jubilee
moment, but at the same time in that act itself makes or becomes preamble
to some higher and even more melodious forms of joy.
   "yet it is not to be conceived that those eternal effluences  of
sanctity and love in the glorified Saints should by this means be confined
and  cloyed by  repetition of that which is required, but that their
happiness may orb itself into a thousand  vagancies of glory and delight,
and by a kind of eccentrical equation, be, as it were. an invariable planet
of joy and Felicity." CG

"Planet" = "wandering" and recalls "For who would lose though full of pain
this intellectual being, those thoughts that -wander- through eternity..."


PS I think the word "thoughts" generally has a Capital T in Milton's mind.
"Then feed on  thoughts, that, voluntary, move harmonious numbers..."
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