[Milton-L] The sex of angels (and of Eternal Man)

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Hard not to see that as commentary on "angelic sex" in PL..

Jim R

On Monday, November 10, 2014, Dario Rivarossa <dario.rivarossa at gmail.com>

> A chorus line, or rather, 15 lines. Once in a while, it seems like
> William Blake did not find Milton's angels to be boring . . .  did he,
> maybe, secretly side with them? The second quotation is taken from
> "Jerusalem," Plate 88:
> To whom the Angel with a smile that glow'd
> Celestial rosy red, Love's proper hue,
> Answer'd. "Let it suffice thee that you know'st
> Us happy, and without Love no happiness.
> Whatever pure thou in the body enjoy'st
> (And pure thou wert created) we enjoy
> In eminence, and obstacle find none
> Of membrane, joint, or limb, exclusive bars:
> Easier than Air with Air, if Spirits embrace,
> Total they mix, . . .
>       When in Eternity Man converses with Man, they enter
>       Into each other's Bosom (which are Universes of delight)
>       In mutual interchange, and first their Emanations meet
>       Surrounded by their Children. If they embrace & comingle
>       The Human Four-fold Forms mingle also in thunders of Intellect
>       . . .
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