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Dear Colleagues - -

I am pleased to be able to send a reminder that the Andrew Marvell
Society's Call For Papers for the sessions at the South-Central Renaissance
Conference is still open. The South-Central Renaissance Conference will
take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, from 12-14 March 2015. Our deadline
is 1 December 2014, and we would be delighted to receive proposals from
both familiar and new faces on a wide range of Marvellian topics. (

We are seeking proposals on any aspect of Marvell studies, including
engagements with both his poetry and his prose. Papers may be suggesting
new historical, cultural, and discursive contexts for these works,
re-examining them afresh with new analytical techniques, or drawing
attention to previously unknown or overlooked facets of Marvell’s work and
his relationship to both people and topics in the seventeenth century. We
welcome proposals from both established scholars in the field, and also
newcomers to the Marvell Society and graduate students.

Every year at the SCRC, the Marvell Society holds a “Special Poem” panel:
for this, one poem is selected each year, and then analysed in a different
way by three presenters. The poem selected for the SCRC in 2015 is *Daphnis
and Chloe*. If you are interested in participating in the Special Poem
panel, please contact Executive Secretary Emma Annette Wilson in advance to
assist with the coordination of this panel. Abstracts for the special poem
panel are submitted in the same way as all other abstracts (see below for
details). Papers given as part of this panel will be published in the
Summer 2015 issue of the Society’s journal.

In addition to our broad call for papers, we seek proposals for papers
focused on the following special topics:
Andrew Marvell in the 1640s
Andrew Marvell as state servant
Andrew Marvell and contemporary lyrics
Andrew Marvell and Oliver Cromwell

The SCRC will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, hosted by the University
of North Carolina, Pembroke, and East Carolina University. The conference
will take place at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, and further information
about reservations, registration, and the conference itself will be
available via the SCRC website.

To make a proposal, please submit abstracts via the SCRC website’s online
submission form (http://scrc.us.com/). Scholars will need to submit one
more detailed abstract of approximately 400-500 words, and a shorter
100-word version of the abstract for inclusion in the conference program
should their proposal be successful. The deadline for submissions is 1
December 2014.

Program participants are required to join the SCRC, and are encouraged to
submit publication-length versions of their papers either to its official
publication, *Explorations in Renaissance Culture*, or to the Marvell
Society’s official publication, the *Andrew Marvell Newsletter*.

If you have any questions about the CFP, the conference, or if you
encounter any issues with the submissions process, please contact Executive
Secretary Emma Annette Wilson (eawilson8 at ua.edu) for information and
John M. Wallace award

We also encourage participants to apply for the John M. Wallace award for
the best paper on Andrew Marvell by an early career scholar presented at
the conference.

The award recognises the signal contribution to Marvell studies of John M.
Wallace (1928-93), Professor of English at the University of Chicago and
author of the ground-breaking interdisciplinary work, *Destiny his Choice:
The Loyalism of Andrew Marvell* (1968).

The award is open to graduate students, independent scholars, and faculty
below the rank of associate professor (US, Canada), or equivalent (i.e.
within the first five years of a permanent teaching appointment).
Applicants should submit full papers to the Executive Secretary of the
Andrew Marvell Society by 1 March 2015. Applicants should be ready to read
their papers at SCRC, *Exploring the Renaissance, 2015*, where the award
will be presented by the President of SCRC at the closing luncheon.


Program participants are required to join SCRC and are encouraged to submit
publication-length versions of their papers to the SCRC journal, *Explorations
in Renaissance Culture <http://scrc.us.com/explorations.shtml>.*
Thank you for your time in read this CFP, if you have any questions please
do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to be of help, and in the
interim we look forward to reading proposals as they arrive;

all best wishes,

Emma Annette Wilson

Executive Secretary
Andrew Marvell Society
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