[Milton-L] performing PL Bk IX

John Hale john.hale at otago.ac.nz
Mon May 19 03:23:56 EDT 2014

Googling <milton at otago> then selecting "perform" and "interpret" should reach the target.

John Hale
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First time I tried this link I got a 404. Then I noticed that the URL ended in "htmland."  I selected the whole URL as given, moved the right button left to omit the "and" and hit Copy. When the whole URL direction bar went empty I pasted. Worked perfectly -- at least on the iPhone -- and I greatly enjoyed Mr Hale's page.

Paradise regained in HTML Land. Next country north of CloudCuckooLand!

Nancy Charlton

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PS http://www.otago.ac.nz/englishlinguistics/english/milton/perform/Happenings.htmland
and nearby under ...<milton/ interpret>
John Hale
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Dear Professor Hale: I enjoyed your reports about the Milton sessions very much and would like exceedingly to add them to our blog at http://miltonrevealed.berkeley.edu/ as examples of the kind of fresh approach to enlivening access to Milton and PL in particular, to which our web site is devoted. I have been very much impressed over many years by the contributions from what Marvell called the Antipodes to the constructive work we have been doing both with Milton - and Shakespeare (literally with the rebuilding of the Globe Playhouse). With best wishes, Hugh Richmond
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