[Milton-L] performing PL Bk IX

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Dear Professor Richmond:
Good idea, and thank you for it.
Please could you add the name of the respondent to the item which quoted the response to our performance of PL IX: Sarah Entwistle?
Also, could you add somewhere or other a link to my home research website, where I summarise things relevant to your focus, under the headings of "Interpretation" and "Performance? In view of your complimentary words, this somewhat buried information could further interest you and your readers.
John Hale
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Dear Professor Hale: I enjoyed your reports about the Milton sessions very much and would like exceedingly to add them to our blog at http://miltonrevealed.berkeley.edu/ as examples of the kind of fresh approach to enlivening access to Milton and PL in particular, to which our web site is devoted. I have been very much impressed over many years by the contributions from what Marvell called the Antipodes to the constructive work we have been doing both with Milton - and Shakespeare (literally with the rebuilding of the Globe Playhouse). With best wishes, Hugh Richmond
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