[Milton-L] 21st Century Miltonic Echoes: Emanations, Foray into Forever

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 Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Authors Board of Editorial Advisors, I am happy to announce that Emanations: Foray into Forever is now available.  

There are several Milton connections. Foremost is the book's epigraph, which is taken from PL Book 2.  The poetry selections include a dialogue between Adam and Satan from the libretto to the opera Paradise Found by Peter Dizozza, as well as a re-telling of a story from the Divine Comedy by frequent Mlton List participant Dario Rivarossa.  Jeffery Hodges also brings to bear a Miltonic perspective in many of the poems he has published in the anthology.  Elkie Riches has a story about people who carry their souls on their backs in wicker baskets, but when the baskets are opened... well.  Again, It is something that Miltonists will especially appreciate.  Otherwise, the descriptions in the volume of ancient gardens, chaos, cosmic space, the afterlife, psychological confusion, alienation, and other expressions of the human condition will certainly seem familiar to people who know Milton.

Please pass the word:


The Call for the fifth volume (Emanations: 2 + 2 = 5) will be posted in August.  Please anticipate a February 2015 deadline.


Carter Kaplan

International Authors

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