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On the Norwegian pine, Hannibal is right on target. In particular, England needed tall, straight timber for ship masts. I don't believe England imported wood from Norway for the other parts of ships, but I'm not definite on that. Pamphlets advertising investments in the New World also played up the tall timber available there. Too much deforestation in mother England, especially lack of old growth timber!


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I seem to recall reading that Britain imported Norwegian pines for ship-building. And is the tale set in Norwegian waters because of the legend of the Kraken? The giant sea beasty that is a kind of secular analogue to Leviathan?


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Dear all--here is a simple question that, perhaps, has been answered more than once. But those answers lie buried in dusty books; so in the spirit of our students, I would like to ask you, who know, directly:

Why 2 references to Norway in PL 1 (203 and 293)? Why are both the foam and the pine Norwegian? Why Norway?

Having two grandparents from Bergen, I ask. JD Fleming

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