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JD Fleming jfleming at sfu.ca
Thu Jan 16 15:11:24 EST 2014

Dear all--here is a simple question that, perhaps, has been answered more than once. But those answers lie buried in dusty books; so in the spirit of our students, I would like to ask you, who know, directly: 

Why 2 references to Norway in PL 1 (203 and 293)? Why are both the foam and the pine Norwegian? Why Norway? 

Having two grandparents from Bergen, I ask. JD Fleming 


J ames Dougal Fleming 
Associate Professor 
Department of English 
Simon Fraser University 

" Upstairs was a room for travelers. ‘You know, I shall take it for the rest of my life,’ Vasili Ivanovich is reported to have said as soon as he had entered it." 
-- Vladimir Nabokov, Cloud, Castle, Lake 

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