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Hugh Richmond hmr at berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 15 19:00:10 EST 2014

NEW MILTON BIBLIOGRAPHY ON SITE AT: http://miltonrevealed.berkeley.edu/

As a result of the following correspondence, the first draft of a second 
bibliography has been added to the U.C.B. "Milton Revealed" web site - 
now entitled "Milton's Creative Influence" - and we would welcome 
comment on its further development or revision.

From: Horace Jeffery Hodges

Dear Professor Richmond, I'm glad to hear that the "Milton Revealed" 
Website is again online. I was just now inspecting the bibliography 
developed by Brendan M. Prawdzik, and I wondered if a category for 
*/Milton's Literary Influence/* might also be useful. By that, I mean 
such works as Pullman's "Dark Materials" trilogy, which is obviously a 
reflection upon Milton. There are many such examples, I suspect (my own 
recent literary effort being one of these, e.g., the temptation scene 
and the courtroom scene). Perhaps a request on the Milton List for 
suggestions to such a bibliography would bear fruit?Best Regards,  
Jeffery Hodges, Ewha Womans University

My reply as project director was as follows:

Dear Jeffery ( if I may):  Many thanks for your significant response to 
our reopening of the Milton site, which I find excellent. I have been 
quite impressed since we started it to find that there is already a 
powerful populist movement fostering the recovery of Milton's status, 
after its decline in the mid 20th c. - perhaps one following somewhat in 
the pattern of Blake's perspective. Of course, even then the fiction of 
C. S. Lewis was leading the way.

I think your suggestion of a call for reactions from the Milton List is 
the best initial approach and perhaps we may find some enthusiast who 
would like to work on consolidating the resulting material. It seems to 
me there is a wonderful research project here for someone. May I use 
your response to strengthen the invitation? I will talk to our board 
about formulating our procedure, which should take effect soon. With 
much appreciation and best wishes for the New Year,  Hugh

As Jeffery proposed we now welcome comments and suggestions about our 
evolving ideas about extending the site to an even broader sense of the 
artistic impact of Milton's oeuvre, not just in literature as Jeffery 
proposes, but on the Fine Arts generally. A very preliminary draft of 
the kind of references involved is already in place now, but will 
clearly require much further research. With best wishes for the New 
Year, Hugh

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