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Dear Colleagues (and with the submission of the moderator):

On behalf of International Authors I am happy to announce a second Call for Submissions for Emanations IV, an annual international anthology of fiction, poetry and essays. 

Reflecting the "experimental" nature of the project, the language used in the Call is somewhat hyperbolic--and this is in order to encourage submissions that are truly innovative.  Thus far we have been successful in attracting very high quality material from writers, artists, academics and professionals from around the world.  

I should remark that this forum has played a key role in the formation of the Board of Editors, as well as in establishing contacts with a number of outstanding writers and artists.  With this in mind, allow me to tender our thanks to the Milton community.

Call for submissions:


International Authors home page:



Carter Kaplan

Call for Submissions:  Emanations IV

International Authors and the editors of Emanations are happy to announce a Call for Submissions:

Emanations: IV

Emanations is an anthology series featuring fiction, poetry, 
essays, manifestos and reviews. The emphasis is on alternative narrative
 structures, new epistemologies, peculiar settings, esoteric themes, 
sharp breaks from reality, ecstatic revelations, and vivid and abundant 

The editors are interested in recognizable genres—science fiction, 
fantasy, horror, mystery, local color, romance, realism, surrealism, 
postmodernism--but the idea is to make something new, and along these 
lines the illusion of something new can be just as important. If a story
 or poem makes someone say, "Yes, but what is it?" then it's right for Emanations.
 Essays should be exuberant, daring, and free of pedantry. Length is a 
consideration in making publication decisions, but in keeping with the 
spirit of the project contributors should consider length to be “open.”

Our editorial vision is evolving. Contributors should see themselves as actively shaping the "vision" of Emanations.

Send files with brief cover note to Carter Kaplan:

IAsubmissions at hotmail.com

Deadline: February 1, 2014

Emanations is a not-for-profit literary project and contributors cannot be compensated at this time. All proceeds from the sale of Emanations will support 
the efforts of International Authors to publish new voices from around 
the world. Contributors receive a copy upon publication.

Please post questions, suggestions and ideas. The project is a 
collaborative effort, and as we share ideas the "vision" transforms, 
evolves, and grows. When we write stories and poems we hope to bring to 
bear the entire battery of modern and postmodern literary devices. More 
simply: we like good, strong writing. Our essays are incisive, precise, 
keen, challenging, and driven by the writer's desire to advance an 
intelligent audience's understanding of important subjects.

The Fine Print:

1) Submit files as follows: double space, Microsoft Word, Times New 
Roman size #11.  Set Tabs for .2" and set spacing at 15. The book will 
be formatted by the editors before publication. 

2) No simultaneous submissions (contributors should get fairly quick 
feedback anyway, especially if their submission meets our needs). 
Material that is obviously pulled from a file and has nothing to do with
 the goals of the anthology won't get any feedback beyond the initial 

3) Word count/line count? See details above. We're flexible, but 
contributors should be sensible when considering what they send in. A 
novella? Well, maybe, and so on.... Rules of thumb: a) Stories: very 
short to 20-30 pages. b) Poems: send in 5-10 pages. c) Essays: 5-10-30 

4) Published as hard copy only—Emanations will be available on 
Amazon. Participants who make a substantial contribution of material, 
editorial work, or art will get a copy. It can take some time to get 
copies to contributors outside of North America. In the case of our 
first anthology, for example, it took forty-five days to get a copy to a
 contributor in to Nepal.

5) In the past, International Authors has made it possible for 
contributors to purchases copies “at cost” using coupon codes, and so 
on. International Authors is a consortium, and as such every contributor
 is a “member” or our community, and contributors are encouraged to help
 promote the anthology by sending review copies to newspapers, journals 
and relevant Web sites.

6) Copyright "reverts" to contributors upon publication. That is, after a
 piece appears in Emanations, the contributor can seek to publish their 
piece elsewhere. Contributors should understand that Emanations will 
remain for sale on Amazon indefinitely. All materials appearing in 
Emanations are under the exclusive copyright of the contributing writers 
and artists. 

7) Note to poets: Please do not send poems
 as individual files. All poetry submissions should be sent as a SINGLE 
MircosoftWord file formatted in Times New Roman, size 11.  Please submit
 three to ten pages.

Published By International Authors

Board of Editorial Advisors

Ruud Antonius, Netherlands/UK/Spain

Steve Aylett, UK

Joolz Barry, UK

Holly Baumgartner, US

Michael Beard, US

Michael Butterworth, UK

Tessa B. Dick, US 

Jason W. Ellis, US

Cedric Cester, Spain

Mike Chivers, UK

Mack Hassler, US

Horace Jeffery Hodges, South Korea

Sushma Joshi, Nepal

Carter Kaplan, US

Philip Murray-Lawson, France 

Devashish Makhija, India

Michael Moorcock, US/UK

Vitasta Raina, India

Elkie Riches, UK

Dario Rivarossa, Italy

Kai Robb, US

Stephen Sylvester, US
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