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Norman, James A. James.Norman at bridgew.edu
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Hello All,

I've recently begun looking into the influence of Medieval (Catholic) Theology on Milton.  A brief search has turned up some suggestive titles: 'Milton and Augustine', 'The Augustinian Epic', and 'Rise to Thought'; Shawcross's 'Development of Milton's Thought' also has some relevant chapters, but these seem to deal more with issues contemporary to Milton, whereas, I'm seeking to find, if any, older, more antiquated influences--admittedly, I haven't finished the book in its entirety yet.  I am hoping that someone might comment on the usefulness of these, or perhaps suggest some others that did not turn up in my search.  Something I was looking for in particular that did not turn up in my brief search was Anselm's influence on Milton (which I am taking for granted, though looking to substantiate): particularly Anselm's three treatises, 'On Free Will', 'On the Fall of the Devil' (particularly this one), and 'On Truth'.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you. 



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