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I'm not sure what the question is, but I was reminded of this:

Revelation 4:6b-8 [New International Version (NIV)] 6b In the center,
around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with
eyes, in front and in back. 7 The first living creature was like a lion,
the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was
like a flying eagle. 8 Each of the four living creatures had six wings and
was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings.

But only because of the six wings . . .

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On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 3:17 AM, JD Fleming <jfleming at sfu.ca> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Teaching PL 5 last week, I was struck more than ever by:
> "Down thither prone in flight
> He speeds, and through the vast Ethereal Skie
> Sailes between worlds and worlds, with steddie wing
> Now on the polar windes, then with quick Fann
> Winnows the buxom Air; till within soare
> Of Towring Eagles, to all the Fowles he seems
> A *Phoenix*, gaz'd by all, as that sole Bird
> When to enshrine his reliques in the Sun's
> Bright Temple, to *Ægyptian Theb's* he flies.
> At once on th' Eastern cliff of Paradise
> He lights, and to his proper shape returns
> A Seraph wingd; six wings he wore, to shade
> His lineaments Divine; the pair that clad
> Each shoulder broad, came mantling o're his brest
> With regal Ornament; the middle pair
> Girt like a Starrie Zone his waste, and round
> Skirted his loines and thighes with downie Gold
> And colours dipt in Heav'n; the third his feet
> Shaddowd from either heele with featherd maile
> Skie-tinctur'd grain. Like *Maia's* son he stood,
> And shook his Plumes, that Heav'nly fragrance filld
> The circuit wide." (PL 5.266-287)
> A stunning contrast, it seems to me, with this:
> "Therefore when he went to seek a man, he found Raphael that was an angel.
> But he knew him not." (Book of Tobit 5:4-5)
> To which our attention is drawn at PL 4.166-71 and (more importantly)
> 5.219-23.
> Thoughts? JDF
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