[Milton-L] MSA Bulletin? (response to David Ainsworth)

Hunt, Caroline C HuntC at cofc.edu
Sun Feb 16 18:41:43 EST 2014

I see a form to create a password, but it seems to be for new list members only.

Also, there may be some confusion between "members" of the Milton-L list and "members" of the MS itself.  Would there be two separate passwords? I doubt that there is total overlap between the two groups.

And I would like to echo Carol Barton's sentiments. Having been involved with computers since 1970, and having worked for several years with databases (for pay) and Web sites (for free), I am baffled by the new MS setup.

Help. Please.


Caroline Hunt in Charleston,  SC

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From: "Carol Barton, Ph.D., CPCM"
Date:02/16/2014 6:16 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: Re: [Milton-L] MSA Bulletin? (response to David Ainsworth)

Likewise, I do not have a password, and can't access the member list as a
result. There doesn't seem to be any provision for creating one on the

This is rather frustrating, David.

I have never been invited to create, nor do I now see any opportunity on the
website to establish, a password.

If this is frustrating to someone who engages with the world of information
technology for a living, I imagine it is even more so to members who are
more senior than I  (and I am officially retirement age this year).

Please make the website more user-friendly.

We never encountered these difficulties with the hard-copy version.

In behalf of all who are struggling with this innovation--thank you.

Carol Barton

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