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Horace Jeffery Hodges horacejeffery at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 16:43:46 EST 2014

Last week, we looked at a beer label with an Eve motif. This week, here's a
wine, a chardonnay, named after "Eve" -- the label shows a bitten apple:


The official "Tasting Notes" say:

"Beautifully rich, yet fresh and tasty. This wine hints at guava, Bosc
pear, Satsuma, spice and minerals."

Odd that apples are not mentioned, but Bruce Cochran -- a childhood friend
of mine -- is a wine expert based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and he
describes the taste with a mention of apples:

"You don't see a lot of big, oaky, over-the-top Washington
chardonnays. Rather, they tend to be rich yet subtle, with food-friendly
fruit acids and a balanced style. Charles Smith's 'Eve' Chardonnay is like
that. It's reminiscent of apples, with a clean, somewhat mineral finish."

Jeffery Hodges
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