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Open access article from Eighteenth Century Fiction!


Since the journal's inception,  <http://bit.ly/NUk9Gh> Eighteenth-Century
Fiction editors have focused on publishing the best scholarship on the early
novel, concentrating on the period 1700-1800. Articles are published in both
English and French in order to provide a venue for important new scholarship
in this field that is regularly produced in both languages. Articles about
the fiction of other languages are welcomed, and comparative studies are
particularly encouraged. 


To thank all of the readers of  <http://bit.ly/NUk9Gh> Eighteenth-Century
Fiction for your continuous support, University of Toronto Press is
providing open access to the following article:


Bryan Mangano,  <http://bit.ly/NUk9Gh> "Ideal Friendship and the Paradoxes
of Narration in Sarah Fielding's David Simple" 

( <http://bit.ly/NUk9Gh> http://bit.ly/NUk9Gh)



This article will be FREE TO READ from April 28, 2014 to May 19, 2014.  

Mangano's article appeared in the most recently published volume of ECF, and
examines how Fielding's portrayal of real friendship not only in
representations of character ties, but also in the development of a
third-person narrator works to embody ideal amity through a triangulation of
the reader's attitude towards characters and also how this technique
suggests the broader significance of ideal friendship as a privileged moral
concept for the history of eighteenth-century fiction.


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