[Milton-L] PL Marathon reading

Jameela Lares jameela.lares at usm.edu
Mon Apr 28 10:30:03 EDT 2014

Saturday was the 15th installment of my Mostly Annual Milton Read.  Like some, I hold it in my living room and we just read in a circle, with pauses after most books. This year I had a record 9 students read the epic under my roof. I only have one rule, which is Keep Reading. Those stumbling in book 1 have become pretty good readers of Milton by whenever it is they stop during the day.  

A few notes:
--doughnuts are good to have at the beginning
--the prose arguments are important for student comprehension
--students will pronounce "wanton" correctly and then somehow hypercorrect to "wonton," as if the word referred to Chinese food.  The single biggest pronunciation difficulty is with "ethereal," which gets pronounced all kinds of ways, including "erethreal."

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