[Milton-L] Milton solves the case of Lucifer's 3 faces

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I loved the 'Alien' inspired sketch, but, alas, I fear that the face of Satan,
like his style of speech, is more likely to inspire respect and admiration
than fear and loathing. Hell, he'd be easy to dispense with if he looked
like a threat. Still, thanks for the reminder of his four-fold cherubic status
before he became an ex-cherub.

Jim Watt
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Dante's Lucifer (Inferno, Canto 33) is notoriously a three-faced
monster. He is usually thought of as having two faces more than due,
but --- what about one face LESS? If he was a Cherub in heaven, he was
supposed (see the Book of Revelation, John Milton, William Blake,
etc.) to have four, so, because of his Fall, he literally "lost face."
Dante had a front view of Lucifer; let's have a look at him from
behind, we might find a leftover of his now missing feature.


il Tassista / the Tasso Driver
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