[Milton-L] M's "she pluckd, she eat" I (mis)spelled to "she et" -sorry

JCarl Bellinger dionhalic at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 14:12:03 EDT 2014

Perhaps Milton pronounced "et" for the past tense of "eat" but he wrote
«  So saying, her rash hand in evil hour
Forth reaching to the Fruit, she pluck'd, she eat:
Earth felt the wound »

We of course say, and spell, "ate" for that past tense.
on another subject...
per Christian "Good Friday," the great Russian film on icon painter Rublev
has been put up on YouTube:
Андрей Рублев 2 серия / Andrei Rublev film 2: http://youtu.be/RwCJoEJFW5g
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