[Milton-L] more, seemingly ever more, on fallacious

Nigel Smith nsmith at Princeton.EDU
Thu Apr 17 15:37:20 EDT 2014

Dear Miltonists,

I've been enjoying this exchange of views on sex in 'Paradise Lost' even as I've been teaching the poem this semester.

For some mid-17th-century texts concerned with holy sex (and holy swearing) might I please draw the attention of the list to the second edition of my 'A Collection of Ranter Writings', which first appeared in 1983.  It now reappears in revised, updated and corrected form under the Pluto Press imprint.  

You can see the cover and the foreword at the following link: http://issuu.com/plutopress/docs/smith_acorw_extract_1.  

Since the music writer Greil Marcus saw a link between 1970s and 1980s punk rock and the Ranters, my foreword addresses that, but most of the introduction and all of the texts and annotations deal with the 17th century and 17th century studies, not least the infamous debate on whether the Ranters existed or not.  There are several texts in this revised anthology that were not known to exist or considered lost thirty years ago: Joseph Salmon's pamphlet 'Divinity Anatomized' (1649) and two letters by Laurence Clarkson.  Abiezer Coppe's writings remain a central attraction.

I hope the new edition serves the community of learning: many people have written to me over the years requesting a reprint or a new edition.  Here it is.

Best wishes to all,     

Nigel Smith.

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