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Yes. I have never had trouble getting students to see the difference. 
Here's how I described it in my book:

Their mutual willingness to exploit the other to enhance the self 
culminates in their using each other sexually.Their mutual mortification 
upon awaking is perhaps the easiest part of the text to teach, as 
students resonate powerfully with their experience: they are "oppress'd" 
and "wearied" (9.1045), unsatisfied by a "grosser sleep / Bred of 
unkindly fumes" (9.1049-50), and embarrassed to look each other in the 
eye, although direct and provocative glances played a large part in 
getting them to that shady bank.On our campus, students talk about "the 
walk of shame": the mythic parade of students leaving the dorms of 
partners they picked up at last night's drunken party to return to their 
own dorms, wearing paper bags over their heads and hoping to avoid the 
Dean of Students, who walks her dog on the main quadrangle around six 
o'clock each morning.They have no difficulty understanding Adam's and 
Eve's embarrassment, or the finger-pointing that follows.The 
self-serving nature of those recriminations, with "neither 
self-condemning" (9.1188), is also clear.

(Stupid title not of my choosing: /Milton's Paradise Lost: Moral 
Education/ , Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, 154.)

On 4/17/14 8:35 AM, cbartonphd1 wrote:
> I would say it's more than that, though, Greg: the act is the same. 
>  It's their attitude toward it that is different--like the difference 
> (one hopes) between the way a man looks at the naked woman he loves 
> and the way he looks at the Playboy centerfold (or a prostitute or 
> pornographic movie), and for similar reasons. As others have pointed 
>  out, though perhaps not in the same words, one is making love.  The 
> other goes by more pejorative names.
> Best to all,
> Carol Barton
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