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(Thanks to all who helped me on this.)

Whether or not Milton 'intended' this, _after_ the suggestion is made it's
going to be difficult for anyone not to have the possibility in mind when
reading the two passages.

As to fallen & unfallen language: _if_ the contrast exists at all it has to
be an arbitrary one: there can be no liguistic signs of "fallen" as opposed
to "unfallen" language: it is all simply English.

And under _all_ interpretations there is no way to insist Milton offers us
"True statements about the world" on this matter. I was at a conference of
Science for the People this weekend -- one of the best conferences I've ever
attended. In the panel on public health, one of the speakers began by
contrasting "FREE ABORTION ON DEMAND NOW" (the all caps to indicate oral
emphasis) with the weak and spineless, "[please sir if you will] choice
[someday]."  If PL won't support that, then that is one sharp contrast
between PL & Truth.

Note: I don't think making "true statements about the world" is relevant to
the question of literary "worth." (I have to think this because of my
profound disagreement with the world views of all my favorite writers.) 
And see in this connection 

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I didn't want to believe it either, but I really think people should read
the article before leaping to conclusions.

On 4/14/14 5:03 PM, Richard A. Strier wrote:

	I don't believe that Milton was using that pun.   


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	Ha... o God. That's too much. I'm not buying it, but I'm glad he
wrote the article, and I'm going to have to find it and read it now. 

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