[Milton-L] assumptions about the fruit, a question for john leonard

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Could you quote some from the essay. Given my (non)eyesight, it's quite a
hassle to access articles through JSTOr, th only way I can 'read' them. I
have to first download them to a text file, then have a program called
ZoomText read them aloud to me.


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Yes, but also focused on fulfilling one's responsibility to be fruitful and
multiply, so that the expression of love for the partner includes gratitude
toward God for the gift of this relationship: "the crown of all our bliss,
ordained by thee."

Seriously, everyone should read John Savoie's "'That Fallacious Fruit'" 
in MQ October 2011. I did not, did not, did not want to accept his argument
(it was too embarrassing for this middle-aged married lady), but it's

On 4/14/14 2:47 PM, James Rovira wrote:
> The difference between pre and post sex is supposed to be, I think, 
> that prelapsarian sex is focused on the partner, while postlapsarian 
> sex is focused on the satisfaction of one's own appetites.

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