[Milton-L] assumptions about the fruit, a question for john leonard

Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Fri Apr 11 13:19:32 EDT 2014

Assuming that the pertinent passages have been examined, I would sum up as

1. It is not what we call an apple, because it is downy.

2. The fruit of a particular tree (not kind of tree) was forbidden, because
speakers keep insisting on its location.

3."Tree, not kind of tree" is superfluous, because the tree is unique.
Greg's evidence from 7.46 ff. is convincing; efforts by others to separate
"tastes" from "flavors" sound strained to me. Imagine "the choice of all
bites/tastings else to please their appetite, though wandering" vs. "the
choice of all flavors else to please their appetite, though wandering."

So I think Greg has got the better of John, which is alarming, because I
never disagree with John Leonard. --Michael G.
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