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Carrol --

That's a good question that, I think, doesn't matter. Milton's PL
participates in theological discourse about the Christian God by
dramatizing it. For him and his readers, his subject matter was
non-fiction, so that he is engaged in commentary on at least some
ontological truths. That commentary is in fictional form, so that the
reconstruction is a fiction, but the object represented is not: something
like creative non-fiction. Of course from an atheist point of view it's all
a massive fiction, but that's a metaquestion that doesn't help us with the
text. For Milton's readers, PL was probably something akin to our watching
an HBO movie about the life of MLK. The characters are real even if the
conversations are not, and it participates in discourse about a real

How Milton's PL stands in relationship to other discourse about the same
subject is therefore an eminently reasonable question to pursue.

Jim R

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 3:13 PM, JD Fleming <jfleming at sfu.ca> wrote:

> It has not always been clear in this thread whether the interest is in
> correctly construing a fiction or in asserting some ontological truth.
> Carrol
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