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Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Wed Apr 9 16:42:34 EDT 2014

Michael B.,

Thanks for the clear response.

The Son is far superior to the angels in wisdom and goodness--you have gone
so far as to argue that he is superior even to the Father in those
respects. It is this merit which justifies his kingship, not his military
power. We don't know whether the angels know about his moral merit yet.
What they do know is that he created them, and this fact is what Abdiel
emphasizes in his first challenge to Satan. In this role, the Son
demonstrated his creative power and beneficence, sharing the goodness of
being. But he also showed himself to be on a higher ontological plane than
the angels. In emphasizing that the Son made the angels, Abdiel is not
worshipping power; rather he is angrily rebutting Satan's claim that the
Son cannot rightfully "assume / Monarchy over such as live by right / His
equals." The angels are not his equals.

In decreeing the Son's kingship, the father explains his purpose: that the
angels should live "United as one individual soul / Forever happy." Abdiel
repeats this purpose at the end of his first speech. The speech is not an
appeal to physical power. Indeed it seems that the Son only acquired his
power as a warrior on the eve of battle. --Michael G.

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