[Milton-L] CFP: MSA panels at RSA 2015, Berlin

Feisal Mohamed f.mohamed00 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 15:52:16 EDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I am delighted to announce that the
Milton Society of America has been granted Associate Organization status
with the Renaissance Society of America.  This allows the MSA henceforth to
submit up to five panels at RSA's annual conference, beginning in 2015.  We
will also hold a seat on the RSA Council, allowing us to participate in its
deliberations and decisions.

This new affiliation will in no way alter the activities that we have
always conducted at the annual convention of the Modern Language
Association, including organizing panels and holding an annual banquet.
But as the MLA seems increasingly reluctant to grant our society more than
two panels per year, we have felt that Milton studies must be served by an
additional venue.  RSA seemed to us the natural choice as the preeminent
national conference in early modern studies, and one that many of our
members already attend.

Thus we are writing to call for panels and papers seeking inclusion in the
program of the 61st annual meeting of the RSA, to be held in Berlin on
26-28 March 2015 (more information on the Berlin conference is available on
the RSA website <http://www.rsa.org/?page=2015Berlin>).  Proposals covering
any aspect of Milton studies will be given full consideration, but
especially desirable are those related to the following themes:


-Cultural exchange, including but not limited to the Continent

-Periodization (Renaissance, Early Modern, Long Restoration)

-Poetics of materialism

*Panels *must be organized by a current member of the Milton Society of
America.  Required are a 1-2 page description of the panel and a 1-2 page
abstract for each of its papers.  The panel organizer and each presenter
must also submit *curricula vitae *of two pages.  Please send all materials
by May 31 to Ken Hiltner (hiltner[at]english.ucsb.edu).

*Papers *may be submitted by anyone. Please submit an abstract of 1-2 pages
and a *curriculum vitae *of two pages by May 31 to Ken Hiltner (hiltner[at]

Please be advised that all participants in the Berlin conference must be
members of the Renaissance Society of America.


Feisal G. Mohamed


Milton Society of America
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