[Milton-L] gastroMilton and teen angels

Carol Barton, Ph.D., CPCM cbartonphd1 at verizon.net
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Well, Margie . . . Cherubim are traditionally depicted as toddlers (think 
Raphael--the artist, I mean) . . . but they may, in a fallen world, 
reasonably be thought to be the young souls of little ones who died while 
still innocent. Those wouldn't exist, in prelapsarian Heaven--so maybe it's 
more like the angelic hierarchy described by the angel Clarence in _It's a 
Wonderful Life_ . . . where they mature as they mature in wisdom.

Actually, I think Milton gave the invading angel the shape of a child to 
emphasize his seeming innocence--perhaps nodding for a moment (as he does 
when Samson prays for light to revisit eyes he no longer has)?

Best to all,

Carol Barton

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> If there aren't other teen angels in Heaven, then Uriel is even more 
> thick-headed than I thought in not being suspicious about this particular 
> wandering one.
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