[Milton-L] Carter's Hungry Lion

Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
Tue Apr 8 07:58:03 EDT 2014

Villanelle for Carter's Lion

Why does the lion always stare at me?

Inquired Adam of innocent Eve.

He is hungry for what he cannot see.

He grazes with other stock and sips tea

And devours biscuits with us after we leave

Our work in the yard. Yet he stares at me

With famished eyes that make me want to flee

This place.  Yesterday I saw him receive

Some fruit from a creature I could not see.

He and the falcon gathered by the tree

With the cold-skinned snake as if to conceive

A plot.  Look how these creatures stare at me.

Emotions stir my heart with such degree

That lack names for feelings that I believe

Ominous for what I cannot foresee.

The rib that God took from me to form thee

Secures our peace. But these beasts seem to grieve

For a king that will soon rule over me

And hunger for power we cannot see.

Kemmer Anderson
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