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I had a cat once who ate corn on the cob. Put a piece down on a sheet of newspaper and he'd play with like a mouse. 

I had some friends who kept milk cows and sold lovely raw milk, to the dismay of the Ag authorities. Twice a week he'd drive a big truck to a box store and fill the truck bed with discarded lettuces, pastries, fruit including pineapples, and then put it out for the cows. Beat the cost of alfalfa, though there was plenty of that too. Best milk ever. 

Don't know that this goes anywhere, except to note that in prelapsarian herding no barbed wire was needed, hence no stomach magnets. 

What did they feed the elephant, with his "lithe proboscis"?  

Thinking of this makes us urbanites see the point made by David Hawkes inter alia, that commodification of products and labor is one of the most pernicious fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

Nancy Charlton
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> Now, now: my dogs eat apples, melons, pears, plums, carrots, lettuce, celery, and even (to my surprise) oranges and tangerines. They like grapes, too, though they can't have them. But their all-time favorite is bananas--so I think perhaps the prelapsarian animals were vegetarians, like Adam and Eve. (The birds ate sunflower seeds.) As for the cats . . . you'll have to ask a cat-lover.
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> Good point, Jeffery!  I like to think of a  Peregrine Falcon saying grace over the dove it had just sacrificed on some cliffside altar in Eden. 
> But I should make sure the blame for this post and my previous one is placed on Carter and not on Stella Revard, who is far too sensible to write such falalalderol.
> Carter Revard
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