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Now, now: my dogs eat apples, melons, pears, plums, carrots, lettuce, celery, and even (to my surprise) oranges and tangerines. They like grapes, too, though they can't have them. But their all-time favorite is bananas--so I think perhaps the prelapsarian animals were vegetarians, like Adam and Eve. (The birds ate sunflower seeds.) As for the cats . . . you'll have to ask a cat-lover.

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Good point, Jeffery!  I like to think of a Peregrine Falcon saying grace over the dove it had just sacrificed on some cliffside altar in Eden. 

But I should make sure the blame for this post and my previous one is placed on Carter and not on Stella Revard, who is far too sensible to write such falalalderol.

Carter Revard

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