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Alan and Jim,

I would argue that the condition of A&E at the end of Book 10 is precisely
"Christian regeneration by the Holy Spirit," because God has accepted their
repentance through the intercession of the Son. As Harold Skulsky points
out, it doesn't matter that the crucifixion hasn't happened yet in "vulgar

Prevenient grace was already there, as symbolized by the clothing with
skins, but during the night after judgement Adam was clearly not
regenerate, what with his disordered philosophizing and his vicious attack
upon the penitent Eve. A&E have to decide to confess and pray for
forgiveness before they can be reconciled with God. This is the gap between
the arrival of prevenient grace and actual regeneration, a gap which is
collapsed by the narrator's language at the beginning of Book 11.


On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 1:03 PM, alan horn <alanshorn at gmail.com> wrote:

>  the Book 11 passage says prevenient grace caused A&E to be regenerate,
>> while the Book 3 passage says that it merely softens stony hearts, which
>> still must respond appropriately to God's persistent calling.
> I would argue that the figurative language in the opening of XI, adapted
> from Ezekiel 11:19, and that of softening stony hearts in III come to
> exactly the same thing.
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