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> But the fact remains, as I said earlier (a point which you ignore below)
> that there is zero indication at the beginning of 11 (contrary to a claim
> you made previously) that A and E are "free to accept or reject" that
> prevenient grace--indeed the passage could scarcely make that a less
> sustainable reading.

Yes, I think it would be more correct to say they are given prevenient
grace (not resistible, according to Augustine) which enables, but does not
compel, them to repent and accept God's (resistible) grace.  Book X
dramatizes their deliberation over whether or not to do so (as Professor
Danielson pointed out, citing his own book). While the emphasis in XI is
different, I don't see why you would want to read it in isolation from X or
III, which it specifically echoes (removed the stonie/soften stonie
hearts). And, really, if you take human freedom out of PL, what's left?
That was my own concern in responding to your post. I realize I was seizing
on a minor point of yours.
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