[Milton-L] prevenient (was crucifixion)

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 00:20:07 EDT 2014

> Yes, prevenient grace *is* irresistible, insofar it results from a blanket
> divine policy (see 3.188-202). It's not optional. But what is optional is
> what one does with it. Prevenient grace (I'm pedantically tempted to dive
> into etymology but won't) precedes the grace/light promised in Book 3.
> There's more grace on its way, so to speak, which is not irresistible

Hmm, this leads me to believe that the terminology I've been using is not
quite right, and that *I* could stand to review the authoritative
discussions I referred to earlier. Many thanks to Professor Danielson for
his informative contributions to this thread.
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