[Milton-L] crucifixion

alan horn alanshorn at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 17:52:28 EDT 2014

> --So, in this moment, we do indeed have Milton asserting a doctrine
> consistent with Calvinism.  Which is what you, originally, objected to.

Pardon me, but I objected to your calling it a Calvinist teaching. It is
not distinctive to Calvinism. It is indeed one of the Calvinist five
points, but it is also consistent with positions like Milton's that reject
the other four.

> In any case, the point, still glowing amidst the theological pedantry, is
> that PL does not ask us to imagine that A and E are saved because they
> repent.

As I read the passage, they are offered grace, which they are free to
accept or reject; they accept it and pray; their prayers go up to heaven;
and through the Son's intercession and the promise of his sacrifice these
prayers are granted. Grace is offered, accepted, and made effective. Are
you sure this text is free of theological pedantry, as you call it?
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