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Sun Apr 6 16:42:45 EDT 2014

> And even your prima facie capacity to be saved is to his credit rather
> than yours, because he gave you prevenient grace: the grace that makes it
> possible for you to receivegrace.

The doctrine of total depravity was affirmed by both orthodox Calvinists
and Arminians like Milton.

 I would agree that the doctrine does not entail non-universality (since
> God could perfectly well afford prevenient grace for everybody). But I
> don't see how it doesn't align with irresistibility. When God reaches in to
> "remove the stony" from Adam's and Eve's hearts--thus rendering possible
> the heartfelt scene of prayer and repentance we have just witnessed--that
> looks pretty darned irresistible.

That God's grace makes possible repentance and prayer is not inconsistent
with that grace being merely sufficient and not irresistible. To get clear
about these distinctions, it's worth reviewing the well-known discussions
by Dennis Danielson and Stephen Fallon, among others.
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