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It's not that it's "worse," Jim. It's that it's conscious and deliberate--Satan is not coerced or defrauded into becoming the Adversary: it's a role he actively, intentionally chooses on his own initiative--and one that he clearly relishes ("better to reign in hell . . .").

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Carol -- doesn't this reasoning continue to reinforce the notion of somehow being more "deserving" of "grace," which seems to me to be an oxymoron? If Satan's sin is the worst, what does that have to do with his being, or not being, a recipient of grace? 

Jim R

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  The fallen angels knew the difference between good and evil, obedience and disobedience (as Satan himself makes obvious in soliloquy). They simply (like the Royalists during the Civil Wars, and Milton during the Interregnum) followed the wrong leader, deceiving themselves into believing he would be victorious (not, in their case, because he was "right" in a moral sense--give the Roundheads at least that much--but because they didn't like the way God was running heaven)--see particularly 100-105:


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