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I'm not sure what this snide comment accomplishes (and I am sure that it's not appropriate).  What does "taking him [Milton] at his word" mean?  I am taking the speech that God gives at its word.  Doing so is the whole basis of what I am saying. The point (for me) is that the poem is conflicted and contradictory at some points.  And as I said, I am not sure how to think about the contradiction that I see.

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I should have added, as I tried to make clear the first time around, that Milton is trying to APPEAR orthodox in the body of Book 3.  He wants the central "action" of the Book, through some powerful writing, to lead us to forget the position of the opening monologue, to bracket it, as it were.  He really does want to appear orthodox--

How nice for you that you know why Milton wrote what he did while the rest of us have to take him at his word.


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