[Milton-L] "Oh we can't eat apples"

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Thu Apr 3 17:47:14 EDT 2014

John, with the greatest respect (and I know you know I mean that sincerely), I don't think you can use the argument about how many species of everything else there were in Eden; it's immaterial. Adam and Eve had to know which (specific) tree to avoid, whether God hung up signs reading "FORBIDDEN" in neon lights on it, or made it one of a kind. As I said previously, God (at least not Milton's God) doesn't "do" entrapment. There has to be no question in Eve's mind that this-is-the-tree-whose-fruit-is-verboten for her to fall by her own choice; if she doesn't know that that's the one, and the only one, that she's been told not to touch, her credulousness when the serpent tells her of its wondrous powers is plausible--and without sin. (So--there's a new species she hasn't tasted yet, and it's got these great powers! What fun! And what's the harm in trying it?)

There are lots of green plants on the planet, and lots of varieties of marijuana--but your kids know the difference between that and oregano and basil and mint, and when you say "NO POT," that's a message understood to mean a specific plant of a certain kind.

But of course, they "didn't inhale." 

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