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Now available on Project MUSE


Eighteenth Century Fiction 

Volume 26, Number 3, Spring 2014 

 <http://bit.ly/ecf263pm> http://bit.ly/ecf263pm


This issue contains: 


Richardson’s Hands

James Robert Wood   


Friendship, Fainéantise, and Fraternal Correction in Graffigny’s Letters to
Devaux 1752–53

Heidi Bostic     


The Empty Decade? English Fiction in the 1730s

Lacy Marschalk, Mallory Anne Porch, Paula R. Backscheider         


Empire, Race, and the Debate over the Indian Marriage Market in Elizabeth
Hamilton’s Memoirs of Modern Philosophers (1800)

John C. Leffel 


Book Reviews/Critiques de livres



Eighteenth Century Fiction publishes articles in both English and French on
all aspects of imaginative prose in the period 1700–1800, but will also
examine papers on late 17th-century or early 19th-century fiction,
particularly when the works are discussed in connection with the eighteenth
century.  <http://www.utpjournals.com/ecf> www.utpjournals.com/ecf



Eighteenth Century Fiction is available online at:

Project MUSE -  <http://bit.ly/ecf_pm> http://bit.ly/ecf_pm

ECF Online -  <http://bit.ly/ecf_online> http://bit.ly/ecf_online


Submissions to Eighteenth Century Fiction

The editors invite contributions on all aspects of imaginative prose in the
period 1700-1800, but are also happy to consider papers on late
seventeenth-century or early nineteenth-century fiction. The languages of
publication are English and French. Articles about the fiction of other
languages are welcomed and comparative studies are particularly encouraged.
The suggested length for manuscripts is 6,000-8,000 words, but longer and
shorter articles have been published in the journal.


The Chicago Manual of Style is used for most points in ECF. Articles
submitted should be double-spaced, including quotations. Email submissions
are encouraged  <mailto:%20ecf at mcmaster.ca> ecf at mcmaster.ca. As ECF
evaluates manuscripts anonymously, the author's name ought not to appear on
the article itself.



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