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Dear Jeffery Hodges,

As for Miltonic allusions in Oryx anc Crake, you might be interested in 
an essay I wrote:


Best wishes,

Martin Kuester

Am 14.09.2013 00:17, schrieb Horace Jeffery Hodges:
> I've blogged today on an allusion to /Paradise Lost/ in /Oryx and Crake/:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.kr/2013/09/post-apocalyptic-miltonic-times.html
> I'm still reading Margaret Atwood's novel /Oryx and Crake/, in which 
> Snowman, so-called because of his whiteness and sensitivity to the 
> sun, recalls his pre-apocalyptic lover in his post-apocalyptic time, 
> and imagines her saying:
>     Paradice is lost, but you have a Paradice within you, happier far.
>     (/Oryx and Crake/, 362)
> Snowman imagines this because all he has left of her are memories and 
> fantasies, though he is not happier, but sadder by far, so these words 
> are questionable. This line, however, recalls Milton's line (587) in a 
> passage of /Paradise Lost/ 12.581-587 . . .
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I go on to quote the Milton passage and note my own use of Paradise 
> Lost in my novella, but that's doubtless of lesser interest here.
> If anybody knows the other allusion in Atwood's story, let me know.
> Jeffery Hodges
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