[Milton-L] Scansion of line X

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Sep 17 14:14:32 EDT 2013

JCarl Bellinger: In order to escape the  complaint implicit in Professor
Fleming's cordial "Is there any validity to my feeling, which comes up
whenever a scansion thread becomes a web..." in order as I say to escape
this nicely posed complaint mustn't EVERY blessed term essential to this
endemically intractable subject be carefully, precisely, wisely, defined &
illustrated, AND collegially agreed, before any serious discussion can be
profitably undertaken?


I suspect you write with tongue in cheek. But taking the question seriously:

No. For a discussion to be both informative and interesting does it have to
reach positive conclusions? In discussion (unlike politics) Bernstein's
revisionist thesis holds: The movement is everything; the final goal is
nothing. I think Luxemburg herself would not dispute this.


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